A CCAD Journey Begins

This is my first blog post, so hang in there. It has been a big journey just to get into Columbus, Ohio. Five days of driving with no time set aside for enjoyment. I have been on a roller coaster ever since I got here, finding a place to live to being completely nervous about meeting so many new people. Adjusting to having my own studio space and being in classes that provide structure for my future are quite exciting.

I have two main ideas within painting. I will be working on building some works that will be hand sewn before being painted and the other is adhering cloth patterns to canvases, then painting on top. I enjoy layering in my art with different materials and techniques to provide variety and a sense of playfulness.

I am excited to see where this CCAD journey will take me. (Side note: If I do not approach you first, its not that I don't want to talk with you. I am learning to get out of my shell; learning how to not be an extreme introvert. So, please do not hesitant to talk with me, as I do with others)