Samples and Tests

I started with the idea that I would create a body of work, but quickly realized from faculty that it may not be in my best interest right now. So, I have been creating samples and tests to finalize techniques and methods to create work that I will be proud of.

There were a few things I was able to take away from critique, in particular in the works I am hand sewing raw canvas materials together. Due to the significance of hand sewing, rather then using a sewing machine brings attention to the craftsmanship and the desire to engage with the back of the work. That is when the color of thread was discussed. The thread showed off the intensive work, making the color of the thread important.

In a sample I sewed different colored threads to raw canvas. Out of the seven colors, I enjoy how the red and transparent threads look against the color of the raw canvas.

My original plan was to paint on the “clean” side, but due to the interest I started to have for the back of the works I knew I wanted to be able to show both sides at once. This has lead me to turn these multimedia paintings into sculptural pieces.

On a piece of sewed together canvases I tested water downed acrylic paint to act as a soft colored dye before I painted blocks of paint on top. I was surprised to find out that the backside, where I sewed, still showed the raw canvas. I thought from forcing the diluted acrylic paint into the canvas it would have at least leaked through. I will also be testing how buttons will react to this work, while adding texture.

On another sewed canvas, I plan to test adding cloth patterns to see how it reacts.

As for my other works on stretched canvas, I have been applying paint to the cloth patterns.

In addition, I had the opportunity to visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. The collection of original works shocked me, it was a once in a lifetime experience.