Turning the Pages

I have been creating pages for two different sized loose books (one where one person and turn the pages, and one where two people turn the pages). I created a small sample (test/mock up).

I was trying to figure out how to display the pages in progress, so the viewers could touch, move the pages and be able to see both sides. To solve my dilemma, I pinned the top and bottom middle of each one. While I was putting them up on the wall, I was enjoying the way the pages relaxed on the wall and on themselves. After my individual critique, I am prompted to not only continue making the book, but also start making more to pin on the wall.

The reason I want to continue with making the book is because I want the viewers to be able to touch the paintings/sculpture. A book is inviting, since books are meant to be touched. Knowing that the clear protection on the pieces cause them to want to stick together, I am debating about lightly powdering the edges (about an inch into each page). Since the pages create a sound when turned, I would not want to powder the whole thing. To bind the book, I had to make a mock up for the holes and then puncture my canvas needle through each layer (I had pre-set up the sheets on top of each other). Then I took pre-braided fishing line and braided it. I was then able to sewing through the holes and bind the book. I still have not decided on how many pages I need to do exactly for the bigger books. The mock up used 8 sheets, totaling to 16 pages. I felt that that amount for the size was well balanced.

I am thinking that the sheets for the books in which I do not feel will work in the book format, I would want to put up on the wall to hang. During the critique it was suggested to hang some on the wall like a book (more then one sheet in one spot). I really like this idea. I need to figure out a better way to hang the pieces, instead of using push pins.

I have been learning that not every page/sheet will need the same response (the amount of oil paint applied). Instead painting the whole piece, I am being very selective where I paint, and sometimes I do not feel that it needs any.

On a side note, my Dye Dots is up in Canzani, outside of the Beeler Gallery for Chroma. I might be hanging up some of the pages on walls for Chroma as well, we will see.

And this is the end of the first year in the MFA program at CCAD.