raw canvas

One Side Isn't Enough

I found my solution to seal off the raw canvas after I soaked with diluted acrylic and ironed. I am using an acrylic clear protection paint. Through tests, I have discovered I have to coat the canvas two times to fully seal, to paint with oil over the pieces.

I have ditched my original plan to paint shapes and forms onto the dyed canvases because it didn’t feel right in the moment. I am also only working in black dye at the moment, as well as, black and greys for oil paint.

I am working between chaos and control. I control how I scrunch the raw canvases into the diluted acrylic/dye. By doing so, I allow the dye to cause chaos; lack of control. After I let it dry, iron, and coat with the clear protection two times, I follow the shades the dye and ironing process created by using two greys and a black. I don’t paint where I find no pigment on the canvas. When I am painting with oil, I am using only a sized 12 filbert brush. I am applying the oil paint loosely and fairly thin for the most part, creating slight chaos in comparison to following the design the dye created by chance. I find it interesting to paint a blueprint created by the dye. It creates shapes of color in ways I would not have been able to think on my own. I am enjoying combining by chance method with structure. I also enjoy the idea of the loose canvas because it allows me to paint on both sides of the canvas. One thing I have found interesting in the whole process has been seeing how each side of the canvas are not exactly the same.

The first two images and video are from my first experiment. First image was in progress with oil paint, the second image was before oil paint, while the video is after the oil was completed. The video also shows a possible way to display.

The third and fourth images are another experiment, but only shows one side. It is about four times in size as the first. The first image is after dyed, while the second image is after the oil paint.

I am debating different ways to display.

One option I am thinking about is creating a loose leaf style book. I would have a plastic covering over the pieces. I think it would be an interesting way to display the work, as well as, invite the audience to turn the “pages” to see the other side and more pieces. This could be on the floor, or maybe slightly vertical. In which case would be against a board/paint board to stay flat, but you would be able to stand farther away from it and still see int, though it would be at a slight angle.

A second option is the pin/nail to the wall, though this would only allow the viewer to see one side, which is not what I would prefer, as I like the idea of a painting wanting to be more then a one sided feeling.

Another option is how I have displayed the smaller piece by hanging with raw canvas thread.

A fourth option I thought of, is to hang them up with the raw canvas thread, but in a circle design. Similar to the Walmart design.

In the first and last two options they would act more sculpture like.

Click on photos to see them in their full glory and please reply with comments! :)