Set Free to Control

As you may know from my last post, I am working with diluted acrylic paint, cloth patterns, house paint and sewing with red thread right now. Currently focusing on one set of works, but will explain other works first that I have been working on since my last post.

I completed a colorful set of nine GIFs of my dog, Panda, which can be viewed under digital, titled: Panda’s GIFs. This was a fun opportunity to work digitally with my dog and have a blast with color in Photoshop.

I have been using diluted acrylic paint as dyes onto raw canvas in different ways. I finished my variety of combining dyes mathematically, as well as, added a new one.

Also, I have crunched up raw canvases and submerged them into dyes. I let them soak over night before taking them out and air drying. After debating for days, I finally decided to iron them. The black dyed canvas is my favorite.

I have put a hold on sewing canvases together. I plan to start one big one next semester. The dying techniques I am using might be used in the new piece.

The paintings have taken quite a turn. I couldn’t handle the cleanliness for the whole pieces anymore. I set myself free to be loose and not care onto one of the paintings. I started new ones, five of them. Four of them are the same sizes, while one is only the same length on one side. When I started to let myself free onto a new canvas I was planning on painting the whole canvas black, but when I started to sponge roll the paint on I was enjoying the contrast of the white and black, as well as, the pattern/texture was being left behind. Because of this I decided to leave it and not paint the canvases solid. The four other different ways to apply black paint, so each painting is not the same technique: hands with gloves, dry brush, crunched up plastic, crunched up packaging brown paper. Once the paint dried, I used mod podge to adhere and seal cloth patterns, not covering the canvases completely like I did previously. Then I visually selected which cloth patterns to paint over with white and sometimes black. If I needed to, I would add more cloth patterns before the next step, which is sewing red thread through the canvas. I pick which areas to sew based on the sewing patterns given on the clothes patterns on the canvases. In doing this, I would follow the patterns to cover the black dashes. Three of the five are completed. I plan to finish the last two before my critique on the 6th of December. I have a little bit more paint to apply and sewing left.

As a side note, Panda and I celebrated her 8th birthday.